5 Tips For Creating An Engaging Community Around Your Blog

Blogging Community

Every one defines community in a different way. But for me community is a group of like minded people who are gathered and connected in some way. Blogsphere is one large community made of thousands of small one. To build such community you need to respect your readers, maintain healthy relationship with them. Read further […]

Solve Duplicate Content Issue using Simple Tag


Thanks to big lord of Search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN, for announcing they are now supporting a new “canonical link element” to help webmasters and blog editors get rid of self-created duplicate content in the indexes. What is rel=”canonical”? It’s an element that allows you to publicly specify your preferred version of a URL. […]

How to make your Blog SEO Friendly

Seo Friendly

Search engine Optimization is crucial for every blog’s success. But as they say “charity starts from home” You need to optimize your blog before you start you start Search Engine Optimization for your blog. Well optimized blog with unique contents are likely to get batter exposure. And we wordpress publishers are really lucky as long […]

How To Make Your Reader Fall In Love With Your Blog

Love the Blog

Ever wonder why some people stick to one blog, why you always see them post their response as soon as the author of that blog hit that cute *Publish Button* ?, or why those avid reader refresh their RSS reader as the cock-crow for updates from their favorite blog? I am not sure about you […]

15 Blog Usability Tips For Better Reader Experience

Blog Usabililty

Web usability is a practice to improve an end-user experience, by making your site content easy to find, and understand, usability of your website very strongly affects the number of return visits and the overall size of your audience base. Given Below are 15 tips for batter Usability and end-user experience. Blog Identity: When someone first […]